Double celebration today

Today our Teddybear is 3 months old!! He's growing so fast!!

This past month he's rolled over, he's gone in his exosaucer. He's travelled to the zoo and had a great visit with his cousins.  He's even gotten into a routine a little bit and mommy likes it!!

Teddybear you are a delightful child and we love you so much!! slow down on the growing up though  because we want to enjoy every minute of you!!  You have an amazing smile, a cute laugh (only heard that one once) You are a professional snuggle bug, and the only time it's difficult is when I'm trying to type and you kick the computer!!  

Currently you like, sleeping, cuddling, playing in the exosaucer, bath time, tummy time and rolling over.

Currently you dislike being put down, wet and dirty diapers, loud noises and long car rides.

As the title says though this is a double celebration day, because on this day three years ago I married my love!! It was a beautiful day in Lake Tahoe and with our loved ones watching on we said our vows.  It's been a fun ride but I couldn't imagine a better person to be on this journey with.  It's not all fun and games but I love him more and more each day!!  

Happy Anniversary to my hubby and Happy three months to our Teddybear!!!


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