Our new Camper

So after a couple years of us saying we were going to buy a camper we finally did.  We went looking and had seen a few we liked but nothing we were dead set on getting.  We had determined that we needed a trailer with bunks in the back to ensure we had enough sleeping space for everyone so we were looking for the double bunks.

I wanted an outside shower but that's simply because I didn't want to have to be sweeping it out every ten minutes from sand being dragged inside by Lil Man.  It is his mission in life to bring back a pound of sand from every sand area we go to!! I swear!!

Then the second time we went out we saw a used trailer, it hit all our requirements plus it had an outside kitchen.  The other selling feature for us was that it was well within our price range so we snapped it up and purchased our first camper.

It's huge, HUGE!! I could be comfortable living in this thing if we happened to buy a lake lot to park it on and I could live at the lake all summer.  This is not out of the realm of possibilities and it is definitely something I would love to do!!

So at the end of the day we bought an Eagle Super Lite trailer.  It's got one slide, a set of bunk beds, a bed on top of the outdoor kitchen, an Outdoor kitchen with mini fridge, a tv and dvd player ( I like it but I almost wish we didn't have it so that Lil man wouldn't be wanting to watch tv all the time)  a sink, a stove, a fridge, what I am told is a big tub buahahaha, microwave and oven.  We can sleep 8 comfortable so we actually have room to grow in this trailer!!

that is the big tub!! Yeah I won't be having long baths in that!!

Next month we are going camping for a week so that should be a real test to see how I do, up in the woods, with no internet, or cable!! I think I will love it, and it will be so worth it to spend some quality time with Chandler and the boys!


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