Learning Strength

I've been very blessed in my life to have had a lot of strong women helping to raise me.  Not only my mother and grandma, but my nana, aunty and cousin are all strong women! Plus my family of choice (those I've chosen to take up residence in my family sphere) has had some excellent female role models so I never really got the idea that I should be a woman that a man would take care of, as nice as that sounds sometimes in theory, for me to just be a kept woman, I couldn't do it!!

I've chosen to live my life so those women who have shown me what it means to be strong in the face of adversity can be proud of me and also so that the girls I may possibly be influential to, know how to make good choices so they stay strong.

One of the women who had a strong influence in my life was a friends mom, and she has since passed on now.  She was always so happy, even when she was sick.  She showed such strength when my friend was going through a really tough time. My friend was making some bad choices and she was concerned for her child.  I was concerned as well, and she showed me strength in quiet action. She never told her child that they had to do something, she made suggestions because she knew they had to come to their own choice in how to do things.

Granted my friend may remember this time differently, but my view showed me this. She wasn't doing nothing, but she wasn't forcing her child to come to see things her way.  It's a hard lesson to learn, especially when you see your children struggling, and making horrible choices, but when you push them to see things your way they retreat from you.

When she passed away I wrote a poem (and I don't write them often) and this is what I wrote, so to an awesome Lady who will be forever remembered!! This is my tribute to you!!

Your Journey with Us
By J. Lacourse

Smiling through the tears
Stepping forward without fear
Forever marked our story
As the day that began our journey

Taking the little hand
Guiding your through this maze-y land
Forever marked in our story
As a life of learning through this journey

Ears always hearing what is not said
By my side through everything a to zed
Forever marked in out story
The twists and turns of this journey

Fights and sharing; hugging and sorry
Always keeping in horror or glory
Forever marked in our story
The rest stops of our journey

But now my path must go on
And you have gone
Forever marked in our story
The lessons you gave so I could continue my journey


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