Masking it!!

I decided to try a new mask for my face.  I'd seen some friends try it and since I had no other mask supplies in my house and really wanted to do a firming mask I thought I'd try it.  What product did I try you ask, well I used my Greens from It Works.

I took a before picture of my face wore the mask for 40 minutes then washed it off.  My face feels smoother than it did before the mask and it feels firmer too. So I'm happy with the results.

So if you want try it out yourself as well.  Lil Man wanted to know why my face was green, and he was not interested in doing the mask with me.

I'm very willing to try new products to see how they work, and if anyone else has any other suggestions please send them my way, I'll try them and then blog about the results!


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