Chalk Board Pantry

So another GREAT pinterest find was the idea of using Chalk board paint on your pantry doors so you can keep track of grocery list and meal plans.   I loved that idea.  I also hate my white kitchen cupboards so GUESS what I did today!!!

2nd coat inside door
second coat outside door
I painted my pantry doors with chalk paint.  I am lucky I guess because my kitchen cupboards have some design on them that makes it easy to choose where to chalk paint.  After two coats I have some new chalk boards in my house.  I think these will be great for us and for Lil Man as he has taken to colouring on walls as of late.  Trust me I am very frustrated with this behaviour but hopefully this will help him learn where he can colour and where he can't.

I am loving this idea and when we redo our kitchen in the next couple of years I will be incorporating this idea for sure!!


  1. did you chalk both the inside and outside of your doors?? I would like to do this too but so far I haven't gotten Greg on board.

  2. yes I did do both the inside and the outside of the pantry, Adrian hated our cupboards just as much as me, so it was easy to convince him


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