Re-furbishing an old Microwave Stand

Thirteen years ago my exes father made us a microwave stand for our kitchen.  It was either made for us or given to us by his sister.  When we split up I inherited that piece of furniture and it has moved with me to every house I have lived in.  Three years ago it ceased to be a microwave stand and became a counter top and junk drawer where all the junk got tossed.  It was becoming an eye sore and hard to keep clean.  I am sure many of you know that most stuff that ends up in junk drawers is stuff that you think,"Oh, I'll get to that later." or "Oh this will be a good place to keep this for now."  If not well now you know my train of thought.

We have so much paint in our house from having to repaint every room in this place, we aren't done yet, but we are getting there.  So I decided to refurbish my ugly microwave stand.  It wasn't ugly when we got it but after years of wear and tear it was showing it's age.  I hauled the stand downstairs and opened a can of paint.  That was step one, give the stand a face lift.
This is the start of the painting, but you can see how worn the white paint was, and stained as well!!

Next I went to Walmart and bought a sash rod for $3.67 to hang a new curtain on.  Then I bought a tie up curtain for $10.  I took this home and put it on the front of the stand and now I have a pretty new mini buffet table in my dining room!!!
all done and in my dining room!!!
So for $14 dollars I got a great piece for my dining room and I will get a few more years out of this piece before I send it off with Chandler to University!!!


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