Pumpkin Donuts

Yummy, that's all I have to say about this!!!

I made some donuts with Adrian's help on Friday night.  It was a great time, we worked together and created a great thanksgiving snack to serve on Sunday when the family came over. 

We used to make donuts with my mom all the time when we lived in Wakaw.  I loved it, I have so many great memories of baking with my mom, they are happy memories. I  used to think we were just baking but we were creating great memories and that's what I want to do with my kids.  I LOVE baking and stuff so I am hoping my kids enjoy doing it with me as they grow.

I was in a pumpkin mood, and after the pumpkin muffins I wanted to try to make pumpkin donuts. I searched online and found a great recipe so I whipped it up and made up 45 donuts.  I struggled with the donut making as I did not have a donut cutter, nor did I have a round cookie cutter or a smaller cookie cutter to make the holes, I am telling you it was an interesting situation.  I eventually found a sugar cookie cutter and that worked to cut the main circle but the inner hole had to be made using a melon scoop from Pampered Chef.  Not all my donuts came out looking perfectly round, but they all tasted good.  Afterwards, my neighbour gave me a great tip, use a round glass for the circle and a shot glass for the donut hole.  Makes perfect sense, once you hear it, but sometimes in the moment it's hard to come up with these ideas.  So next time I will be making use of the millions of shot glasses that are in my house.

I also made some glaze for the donuts.  It turned out great and the donuts were so yummy.  It's definitely a recipe I enjoyed but not one I will do all the time.  It was  a lot of work, and I think I prefer regular cake donuts or sour cream donuts, so I would rather make those treats!!!

I got the pumpkin donut recipe here.  It's very easy and yummy especially if you really enjoy Pumpkin treats!!!


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