Organizing my Family

I love to be Organized, unfortunately, sometimes getting to this stage is a lot more difficult than one would suspect.  I try very hard to stay organized but it's so easy to be lazy or lax in your intentions and then things get lost all over the place.  This makes things a disaster and then it is hard for you to get to that place you need to be in order to have success.  I truly believe that successful people are very organized.  I am on my way to being that.

There are a lot of things I want to do with my life, so many in fact that sometimes I think they are competing for attention and then disorganization happens because I only half way complete any one project.  Trust me I know my faults, and starting things but never finishing them is definitely one of them.  So I am going to start at the basics and work my way to successful organization that I can transfer to all areas of my life, family, work, home based business, writing, I know I can do it I just have to stay focused.

First step is organizing my family.  I am going to create a home binder that we will all use to organize ourselves so we are all on the same page for what is going on. 

After going to some websites I have come up with how I am going to start organizing my family in this binder.  I have found some great printouts that I am going to use to help me create my own.  I believe in the digital age and eventual my binder is going to become a computer file that will send out notifications via emails and the hard copy will just be for certain things that don't allow you go, but I know I can do this it will just take some work.

So the first step was determining what sections I would have in my Binder and what order they would go in.  I used i heart organizing for her ideas of creating the binder.  She also had free printables but they ended so I had to search the web for some new printables, I found organized home that had some great ones to piggy back off, and this site as well had some great calender printables that I printed off.

So I am going to start organizing my binder today, my sections are 1) Contacts, 2) School Info 3) Calenders 4) Grocery and Meal Plans 5)Finances 6)Home Maintenance 7) Auto Maintenance 8) Outings. 

In my contact section I will have inserts, so pages I just add to the binder, they will start with our immediate family Contact numbers, cell, work etc.  Then we will have a Family Yellow Pages section where we will put extended family members' numbers and address, then Important numbers like Doctors, school, work etc.

In the school section I will have two sub sections one for both boys.  I will have a school contact sheet, and a sheet with picture of each boy, in case anything happens.  This is more important for Lil Man than Chan-man, but I will also file any information from the school in this section as well, so we have it all in one place.

Section 3 will be working calendars, this will be where we schedule everything and then transfer it to the hanging calendar.  This way we can always see what everyone is doing in the month.  We will also be able to work ahead in this binder and it will have birthdays listed that way we can always see who has a birthday coming up.

The food section will have a few lists, so this will have to be a pocket insert so we can take things out of it with ease.  We will have a grocery list, freezer meal lists, take out menus, meal plan sheets and meal wish lists.  This will also have special events planning meal lists, things like Thanksgiving, Birthdays and those things that you don't do all the time, but would hate to forget something for those meals.

Finances which is my least favourite section, but an evil necessity, will follow.  We will be able to slide bills in to the pockets and record the bills down on the tracking sheet and record when they have been paid then we can file them into the filing cabinet (that's a mess I must re-organize that as well).  I will also keep pay stubs in there as well. 

The next two sections are maintenance sections.  Home will be a pocket divider and Auto will be a regular divider with a check list.  We can keep chore lists in there and yearly checks you need to do on the house, monthly checks, those kinds of things to keep the house looking great and running great.  I will also keep a renos section in the home section so we know which project we want to work on next and what it will all entail to complete that project.

The last section will be the when we are leaving the house section.  We will keep a babysitter checklist in there, I may even get some laminated paper to put this on so it can be used with a dry erase marker, that way I don't have to keep printing off a new one each time.  That may be an idea for a couple other ideas, actually Staples does laminating and it's not too expensive.  This section will also have some First Aid stuff and travel checklists so we are prepared for when we leave the house.

Ok so here is my Pinterest Project for today to start this.  I am going to put up my sheets that I create in future blogs so when I do, you can use them and hopefully I will be able to do so in such a manner that you can edit them to fit your family.  Off I go!!!


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