Leaf Jars

So the other day Lil Man and I went for a walk to the park.  Lil Man loves walking to the park, but it is a little heart attack inducing for me because he doesn't like to hold hands.  He's a big boy you know, almost two and he can do it himself.  However, we have gotten to a point in our walks where he will hold my hands when we cross the street or when there are large groups of people around.  Other than that, it's 'no I do it," or "no! No Hands mommy!"  So away we went down the street to Normandeau school.

We live in a area where we are close to two school and there are quite a few little parks all around, but I chose Normandeau because we have to cross the least amount of streets that way.  So away we went with our plastic bag hunting for fun colourful leaves.  Lil Man loved running along the path and picking up leaves.  He didn't collect too many but he had fun!!  After we had foraged enough leaves we went home.

I had seen a craft where you modge podge leaves onto a glass then you can put a candle in the glass (a tealight) and light it and it makes a neat lantern.  This part of the craft isn't really that conducive to do with little children that don't necessarily follow instructions, so if I were to do this with him again, I would work on a piece of wax paper and I would do the jar alone.

At first I was putting the modge podge just on the leaves but they were not sticking that way.  I decided to modge podge the glass then stick the leaves on then modge podge over the leaves to give it that glazed look.  That worked much better.

It was a quick craft once Lil Man stopped "helping" me, but it was definitely fun to go out with him to collect the leaves and have a part of the afternoon out enjoying the coming fall weather.


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