Twilight Book Review

So after much delay I have finally read the Twilight Saga. I have a few concerns with this series, and I am not sure how any parent of a teen girl could let their child read this story without having a conversation with them either before or after. Seriously, I...... well I will break down this series review to each book, that may keep my rantings down to a minimum.

The overall writing of the book was moderately pleasing. She was able to create a setting that was believable and well described. It was easy to picture the story as it played out. The plot was interesting if nothing else, but not especially captivating. Her description of the characters was clear and I was able to picture these four vampires trying to blend in with society. I am not sure if the casting director of the movie made the right decision, but I was able to mold my view of Edward into the actor from the movie. As for the main character of Bella, well I didn't like her. I don't like her and I had difficulty finding any redeeming characteristics in her. She was whiny, and obsessive and plain. Not liking the main character makes it difficult to enjoy reading the book.

I didn't like Bella because of the message she was sending to the girls that would read her book. It's hard enough being a girl in today's society, you don't need authors writing stories about weak girls who can only find happiness on the arms of some guy. That is Bella's greatest fault. She could only be happy when she was with Edward. She avoids her friends when she is with Edward. She is self deprecating, she doesn't see her own worth.

I do not read a lot of romance novels, so I will not remark on the romance part of this story, but I will say this I was not interested in the story until Chapter 17, that is 3/4 of the way through the novel. I pushed myself through the story, and I can't say I am happy I did it, but I am not a quitter so I am proud that I made it through the book. I do not think a book is a good story if it takes 400 pages before it gets interesting. Much of the novel was unnecessary fluff.

The other complaint of this book is the overt foreshadowing. Certain characters are thrown in to the story and forcefully shown to be important. The lack of subtlety is discouraging.

Overall the first novel in the Cullen saga was ok. I do feel that Edward was a more endearing character and it would have been a better story told from his perspective. Maybe some fan fiction could tell the story of Edward and Bella from Bella's perspective.

If anyone can tell me what they liked about Twilight I will listen and contemplate your opinions, maybe it will help me see what was so enthralling that caused teen fever in so many young girls.


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