So this year I was able to purchase my first house. It is a four level split with a huge yard. Well I think the yard is huge. It's on a corner lot and faces to the north. The only real downfall of the house is that it faces a trailer park. But the trailer park isn't that bad at least what I can see of it look esthetically nice. It's a little sketchy in who lives in that trailer park and the problems the city has with some of those residence but other residence in the same trailer park are working to make it a safer place to live. So really it is six of one and half a dozen of the other.

The house was built in 1980, next year it will be thirty years old. So needless to say, but I am going to say it anyways, it has some projects that need to be completed to make it a real home. I am not sure what the guy who owned the place before we bought it was thinking but he was insane. He painted a huge room sunflower yellow and a hallway. It's not a horrible colour but in that large an area it was overwhelming. That was the first project, paint the hallway and the room. Which we did. The shingles on the roof were done, they needed to be replaced so we got that done as well. We had two furnaces, and neither of them worked, so we had them replaced with one high efficiency furnace. Those were projects that we got onto right away.

But that was not all that needed to be done with the house. He laid down laminate in almost every room. The laminate isn't bad, but the joints in the laminate that lead from room to room or cover tops of stairs, aren't even the proper joints, so those have to be replaced. I think he had something against baseboards as there are very few throughout the house. The deck is an accident waiting to happen, the railing posts are so far apart a two year old can fit through them and fall the two and half feet to the ground. My neighbour has informed me that their toddler did just that as well. We have one level that needs to be redone, it's the basement level, so it's not too bad. Our bedroom needs new carpet or flooring and the hallway needs the flooring replaced as well. He laid down laminate tiles and strips but didn't lift the old laminate up so the "new" stuff is lifting and needs to be redone. And countless other little projects to really upgrade this home into something that isn't found straight out of the eighties.

It's a big undertaking and I think it's something that will keep me busy as soon as a start choosing projects to work on. I am excited about it but I only want to do a little at time. One reason is so that I can pay for these projects and not use credit and a second reason is I don't want to start lots of projects and then not get anything done the way I really want it because I get frustrated with living in a construction zone. So let us enter into the world of renovations....

If anyone has any ideas or websites that offer advice and suggestions for unique renovation ideas I would appreciate your input to directing me there. I will keep a running commentary and supply pictures as these projects get under way!!!


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