So I have places to go and things to do... as everyone does, but in the winter it's so damn difficult to get anything done. Not because of the busy holiday season, or because there's more events coming up that you have to plan for. No none of those things make it difficult to complete tasks, they force you to be more organized with your time, but as soon as you think you are organized that evil entity enters the picture. You know who I am speaking about, Mr. Weatherman. I refuse to blame this situation on Mother Nature because a Mother would know how important it is to be able to complete things in a timely manner.

Today for example I wanted to take a quick trip to Innisfail, it's a small town, twenty minutes from my driveway. To get to Innisfail I must drive on the Queen Elizabeth 2nd(QE2) Highway or take Highway 2A. Now the QE2 is a double lane highway and it basically runs from one end of Alberta to the other north and south. The 2A is a secondary highway that was replaced by the QE2 long ago, but it's still a decent highway. Just not today! I had chosen to do this quick trip to Innisfail today because I had to leave my house anyways for a Doctor's appointment for little man and myself. I figured since I had to go out anyways I might as well do it all in one day that way I don't have to do it next week.

It is December in Canada, I understand that it snows, I even acccept it. What bothers me is that stupid Murphy guy. You know Murphey's Law, if it can happen it probably will happen. So yeah, today it's snowing, not a blizzard, but snowing enough to make the roads slick and to increase the stupidity of other drivers. I did a bit of driving today from the Northend of Red Deer to the Southend, I took the QE2, I thought well AMA is saying the roads are in poor conditions but that hadn't been updated since 6:00 am, I thought maybe something had changed. Nope I was wrong!!! The roads were slick, ice covered, and there was blowing snow and the IDIOTS on the road. In a six kilometer drive I saw four vehicles in the ditch, two Hondas (which is neither here nor there) and two trucks (one of the trucks was a Kal Tire truck the other a dodge Ram 4x4). So that kiobosched my plans to go to Innisfail today and now I have to try on another day.

I am going to stop planning these trips and just go when it's nice, because whenever I plan ahead something comes up to foil my plans.
Why oh Why does this always happen to me????


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