New Moon Book Review

New Moon the second book in the Twilight Saga.

How many pages can an author write about depression in a novel that is geared towards teenagers?? Well apparently around 400 pages or so. Can you find a more pathetic child in all literature?? You want to tell me that Bella is suicidal because Edward left her??? Huh?? It doesn't work with the character they began to create in the first book.

Bella in the first novel started out as some what of a loner. She was boring and a little plain. Maybe that was the authors intention to make her so plain in comparison to her Vampire family, if it was then she succeed!! But to have Bella turn into a snivelling zombie in New Moon, well that's ridiculous. You mean to tell me that Bella can't be whole without a boy in her life??? Is that really the message we want to send out to teen age girls?? Then Bella becomes happy again because she's hanging out with another BOY. She couldn't hang out with her girlfriends and become happy, she can only be happy if she is with a boy. A boy who developed into quite an interesting character. I really enjoyed Jacob, he was a great character, well developed and exciting. I just don't understand how these secondary characters always seem to get so much more life than her protagonist.

However, New Moon was more interesting then Twilight. My only issue is that again in this novel she left all the action for the last 200 pages. It's like she drones on and on for pages and pages about nothing then realizes that she should end the story before it reaches 1000 pages but she hasn't even laid any real plot progressions until the end.

If you are a mother of teen age or tween aged girls make sure you sit down and talk to them about how not to be like Bella. We don't need a bunch of snivelling girls in society that become obsessed with a boy and get buried in depression when it doesn't work out with him.


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