Christmas Shopping

I think I may finally be done Christmas shopping, well almost. I feel like I say that every year. Every year I want to be done early and every year I am still buying Christmas presents right up until the last moment. It's ridiculous really.

I am not sure if the people in Red Deer have heard this or not but we are in a RECESSION!!! I am sure that most of the citizens of Red Deer did not receive that memo. Point in fact today, today is a Monday, schools are still in session and people have JOBS that they need to be at. So I was surprised, shocked really, to find that half the population of Red Deer had converged upon Costco this afternoon. It was Saturday afternoon busy in there today. I wanted to go on Monday because I thought it wouldn't be as busy. Boy was I wrong. What should have been a fifteen minute trip in and out took an hour because I stood in the check out line for twenty minutes, and then another ten minutes in the get out of the store line. I also spent a little more time inside because I had nothing better to do. I think after this Christmas the economy should be fine, I mean the good citizens of Red Deer are stimulating this economy and I am sure it looks the same everywhere else.

Now I have one more stop to go for my Christmas shopping then I am done, one more stop. Well maybe two more...maybe three.. lol who knows I am trying to be done, but I just like buying my children presents :S


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