So many times credit card companies send out your information to outside companies that offer to "protect your credit" or "offer assistance if you should get hurt/ laid off etc". I have five credit cards (yikes) and I have recieved calls from all these people, they want to give you a free thirty day trial of their product then after that they will charge you X-amount of dollars a month to continue their service that they are sure we will "love".

In order to get these people off my phone as quickly as possible I will say yes to whatever they are offering. I find when I say no, they try to use up more of my precious time explaining why i "absolutely need this service" and how it is "such an amazing deal". Quite frankly they are asking for my money, in the off chance that I will use their product, I don't use it, I never have. I have been unemployed and don't use my insurance or care to read my credit report daily. This was the call I got today to red my credit report daily, to help protect me against identity theft.

I agree that it is a really good idea, and if I really wanted to see what was going on I could just call them myself. I could call them when they are busy doing other things, from a number they wouldn't recognize at home. Why can't they send me emails, or just mail me out the information to see if I would be interested and if I am then I can call them. It's so frustrating sometimes. Like today, I get a call while I am just checking my email and facebook. It was ok at first but then she goes on and on about this. Not once asking me if I am interested until the end, when she goes, "So Jennifer I just need you to say yes that you would like to sign up." To which I replied, "Actually I am not interested." To which she says, "I hear what you are saying, but we aren't charging you right now you get thirty days and you can read all the information at home to make a decision." Now at this point my little man starts screaming. He was not happy mom was not paying attention to him and I am thinking I just have to get off the phone. So I tell her "Fine yes, but I have to go my baby is crying." To which she says,"Oh ok, i just have one more question to ask you." I told her to do it quickly, and it was the longest questions ever, I said fine yes again and hung up on her. Picked up my little man and calmed him down.

Why don't telemarketers realize that there are some things in life that are more important than their product?? I have never been a telemarketer, but it is so frustrating sometimes to have to listen to them. It's no wonder I usually just hang up on them.


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