Christmas Celebrations

This year was a busy year for Christmas in our house. Not as busy as some people's Christmases but busy enough. We had Christmas at my mom's house first and then we came home and had Christmas at our house with Adrian's family.

Christmas travelling is interesting. The boys and I flew to Saskatoon on a seat sale with Westjet, then Adrian drove out on Christmas Eve. Adrian, Leigham and I then drove back to Red Deer on Boxing Day. And no I am not sad I did not go Boxing Day Sale shopping. I hate shopping during Boxing Day.

While in Saskatchewan I was able to make it to Prince Albert to do some visiting with my Aunty Lila, my step-dad Emile and my friend Estelle. Then my Grandma, Leigham and I drove back to Saskatoon to prepare for Christmas. I was not able to see everyone I wanted to visit in Prince Albert but next time maybe I will stay longer. While in Saskatoon I was able to visit with Karen and Michelle but I was not able to meet up with Sharon or Roxann. Next time they are top on the priority list. Christmas is sometimes a bad time to try to get together because we are all growing up and expanding our families.

This experience has really allowed me to appreciate what my mom used to go through with us children. Hauling us around with all our gifts and then having to haul all those gifts back. Not a lot of fun. No wonder my mom started hosting Christmas and then taking us to see Grandma and Art on Boxing Day or later on Christmas. It just made things easier. So now the torch has been passed on to me. As of next year I will be hosting Christmas at my house and my family will come to me. I think this will be much better.

Leigham was so not interested in Christmas, he slept through his gift opening. It was nice seeing him interacting with Adrian after being away for a week. He was happy and all smiles for Dad, he may be a momma's boy but he loves his dad. Now Christmas is over and it's time to get back to every day living. Next up New Year's Resolutions.


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