Extracurricular activities

So Chandlerman is in soccer. He really enjoys playing indoor soccer and he's not bad at it. He has played all positions. He does well at seeker, and he did pretty well at defense. He is a very positional player. If he is told to play right wing, he sticks to the right wing, if he's told to play defense he stays in his predetermined position.

Last year he had an excellent coach. His coach was well versed in soccer and really knew what was going on. He was able to communicate to the children the positions he needed them to play. Sometimes he would use sayings like "touch tight", some parents would voice that the children didn't understand that. But, the kids did understand and they followed his instructions. The reason, he explained what he was saying so the kids knew that when he called out instructions they would know what to do. He celebrated the children's accomplishments and congratulated the children when they did what they could even if they lost. He was a great coach all around.

This year is a different story. Chandler is on a team with coaches that have not coached before. They are parent volunteers who have been forced into this position. They are parents much like I would be because I didn't play soccer so I don't know much about the game. The coaches offer praise and encouragement, but their skill development is not there. It's unfortunate for Chandler who is becoming frustrated with his team because they don't play positions well. Sometimes I feel like the players are keystone cops all congregating around the ball but then they have no one to pass to. I have seen improvements, and I know that instead of continuing to be frustrated by this situation, I am going to do something about it. I am going to take a coaching clinic for soccer then I will coach his team next year and solve this situation.

So now I will leave you to go and watch Chandler's soccer game. Hopefully he will do well. As long as he is having fun I am ok with everything else!!! Having fun and being active is why we put our children in extracurricular activities!!!


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