Personalities of Children

When you have children you wonder what will they be like when they are older, you wonder what they will desire to do with their life and you wonder if you will be able to protect them and teach them to be responsible, contributing members of society. Well those are some of the things I contemplate as I hold me babies.

As Chandler grew I noticed interesting personalities quirks that he developed. He showed from a young age that he cared about animals and bugs. Sometimes his caring got a little carried away. Once he was concerned his fish were cold in the water so he scooped the fish out with his bare hands and put them in the register to warm up. But it was the thought, he didn't understand at 2 that his fish were cold blooded and needed to be in water to survive. I saw at a very young age that he was spiritual. I am Catholic, but I have not really raised my son to be religious. But at 2 and 3 Chandler was already inquiring about Jesus and God and how people got to heaven. It came out of left field the first time he asked me. When I asked him where he heard of these things he told me he had just thought it up. I also noticed in Chandler that he was a bit of a comedian. His sense of humour was different then mine but it was there. As Chandler has grown I have found that he is a great little person and is growing into a great member of society. How much of this is nurture and how much is nature I don't know, but maybe through my next son I can answer these questions a bit more.

Leigham is just over two weeks old. He is a very content baby unless he's hungry. He likes to look around when he's awake and he will follow people. I wonder how similar he will be to his brother and how similar he will be to his father. He is already a momma's boy, he will cry and only stop when I have picked him up. Not even Dad picking him up calms him. But each day I see in him a great possibility of a wonderful person that will grow up all to fast.

I do believe that by the time babies are three months old they really begin to look like themselves and by six months you see aspects of their personalities. Like are they quick tempered, patient, inquisitive, or goofy. There just are some personality traits that people are born with and others they have to acquire as they grow older.

What have you noticed about the children around you?? What insights have they given you at one year, six months, two years old about their personalities and who they are going to become in the future.


  1. With this theory, my child is a communist. lol Not in a bad neo-capitalist way, but in he likes to share and have things shared with him. If he has food it's a bite for him, a bite for you, and a bite for any dog that may be around. If it's a toy he'll play with it for a moment then he'll pass it to you and if he decides he wants it again he'll come and get it and leave you with a new toy.
    He's also an attention hog. Dramatics run deep with this one. Whether it be playing up the cuteness to get a lady's attention, copying someone's cough or sneeze to get everyone's attention, or crying at the drop of the hat even if nothing is wrong. The world is a production and he's definitely seeking out to be the star.
    So maybe he'll be a big movie star who's known throught the world for his humanitarianism. Unfortunately I see him more as the smooth jock guy that we've all encountered at the bar lol.


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