Parenting tips applied to the world

So when I first decided to start writing this blog I had an idea in my head of what I wanted the blog to entail. It stemmed from my belief in the teaching field and my beliefs in parenting. These beliefs include rewarding children for positive behaviour and not spending much time on negative behaviour, basically the scale should be more time spent rewarding good behaviour and less time penalizing bad behaviour. Children should not be punished but taught how to be disciples of positive behaviour. We can't expect children to know how to behave unless we teach them how to behave properly in various situations. It is the foundation to having a well run classroom, and having well behaved children. I think that if we took this philosophy and applied it to the world at large the world could be changed into a better place. I wanted a place to blog about those positive stories, those stories that show the world to be a great place, and that's what I am going to be working on, hopefully, most of the time.

After all they say love makes the world go round!

So if we take the philosophy that and apply it to the world, could there be a change. If the media started presenting more positive stories would people change. Children are said to misbehave more if their behaviour elicits a reaction, so if bad behaviour gets them more attention they act out, but if they are reinforced for their positive behaviour they behave in a more appropriate manner. Can this strategy be carried out to the world in general?? If criminals were not given all the media hype would they continue to commit crimes?? I am not delusional in thinking this would cure all crimes but it could help decrease them. If reports were more sensationalized for those heroes that saved lives in burning buildings, or help a child reach a dream wouldn't more people try to emulate those behaviours because those were the behaviours gaining recognition?? It's a thought and that's what I am going to focus on. Changing the world a little at a time, especially my little world. I want those feel good stories to reach people, those stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things for others.

My thoughts are why shouldn't the people doing good get as much recognition, or more so than, the people doing evil. So I am going to applying parenting skills to the world and hope that I can make a small change in my world that may ripple out and effect the greater world!!!


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