Weird News Stories

OK so I am not a big news watcher.... not even a little bit, but my mom, well she watches the news and always feels the need to share weird stories with me. Most of the time these stories are humourous, but sometimes they are a little disturbing. So I feel the need to share this outrageous story with you guys... I do not know what some people are thinking sometimes they just seem absolutely crazy.

So apparently some guy was sentenced in the states to three years in prison. Three years in prison for having... wait for it... sex with a HORSE!!! Not just once but he was caught doing it twice. The lady who owned the horse thought he was doing it, caught him, he was charged, and she figured he was still doing it so she set up a video recorder and caught him on video doing it AGAIN!!!! What the heck is wrong with people!?!?!?!?!

Yes so a word to the wise you can go to jail for beastiality..... especially if the beast you are fornicating with is not your own. Seriously, it is just disgusting.... what some people get off on.


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