Motherhood V. 2.0

Motherhood is always a new experience with each child. Not only do you have to balance your life in accordance to the child that first arrived but you have to make allowances for the new babe in your life. Being a first time mom is different from being a second or third time mom, but in ways that are very different then I ever expected.

With my first child, all eleven years ago, I was experiencing all the new joys of motherhood for the first time. First feedings, diapers, smiles, and noises babies make were all new wondrous moments for me to experience. Also developing a routine with this miraculous little babe that was in my care was sort of challenging. You wonder if you will ever sleep again, if you will ever be able to be able have a relaxing bath again, if you will ever get your hair back under control, but even if you don't it's all worth it because that little babe in your arms is the most amazing thing you have ever created.

I do not necessarily believe that I am the guru of motherhood, but I have been through this before and I know what to expect. Except I didn't. I don't know if its because I forgot many things, or if maybe my first little guy was an exceptionally well behaved baby that ruined babies for me.

My hormones are in piles around my feet. The strangest things will make me cry. My worry scale is off the charts. Seriously, I worry a lot, especially about those that I love, but I now my imagination runs rampant and then my hormones get involved and well the tears flow and I can't even always explain it. I understand that it's partially postpartum, which I can understand, and lack of sleep will also impair resiliency, but sometimes I think it's getting ridiculous.

My newest addition is an absolute joy, I am totally in love with him and so happy to have him in my arms all day long. I am very content to just snuggle and cuddle in bed with him all day long, and pajama days are the best way to spend days with that little snuggle bug. He is a pretty content baby. Likes to spend his time eating and sleeping. Very typical for a new born. But I am finding that things are different this time. I have found that his eating routine is drastically different from his brothers. He likes to eat every two hours maybe three hours at tops in between. His brother ate every three hours except at night when he slept for six hours right from the time I brought him home. That's at least the way I remember it. I do know that he started sleeping eight hours 7 weeks after he was born so I don't think I was that delusional in my memories but who knows. My first was an excellent eater, rarely spit up, burped well, and had normal bowel movements. This new bundle likes to have bowel movements, many of them, more than normal I would think, and he has taken to spitting up. It racks my nerves, but as I have called Health Link, I am told this can be normal and that I should try burping him before he eats and in between his feedings so he doesn't spit up what he eats. It's these little things that cause me worries, that make me wonder if maybe things are not perfect, but I am sure it's just my imagination trying to work overtime. He's a perfect little man and I am so glad he's mine, I just have to get my hormones under control.

So if anyone has any helpful hints to deal with little things that make you nervous being a new mom speak up, I am looking for all the advice I can get!!!


  1. Jenn...2nd and 3rd time moms are just like 1st time moms. Leigham is NOT Chandler just like Chandler is NOT Leigham. Of course they'll be different as newborns because they'll be different as they grow as well.
    Yes it's been 11 years as well lol memories grow dim (even though you SWEAR you can remember it like yesterday) and also mother nature plays tricks on our memories when it comes to newborns. We remember the good things about them, otherwise who'd try it again if all they remembered was wearing spit up, pee and poop with little to no sleep and forgetting what it's like to be a person beyond a boob?
    Also in a world where all your doing is growing growing gotta expect the body is gonna rebel in some ways. Hence why your son spews forth bodily fluids lol. As much as it seems like a great world babies are always in constant change with growing and learning. EVERYTHING is new to them.
    Also, remember you're also a lot more mature now than with Chandler. lol I'm not saying you were immature but you were 19 then and you're 30 now. You had a lot more help back then, so if your help didn't worry you had no reason to worry. This time mom isn't right there to help with all your trouble so you probably notice a lot more. I know I worry less when I'm around the grandparents and Rayne does something and no one else reacts.
    Give yourself some time and some credit. It's a new challenge. It's been a long time since you've done it. Chandler has survived for 11 years lol. He's also a good kid. Just give yourself 10 more years to get into the swing of things haha you'll adjust.


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