Olympics torch relay

I am loving the Olympic torch relay. I have loved the idea behind how they chose the people to run with the torch, I love the ideals the Olympics stand for and I love that Olympics bring people together.

I never applied to carry the torch. I did not feel like I would have qualified to carry the torch. I live a fairly healthy lifestyle. I work out, I eat healthy, I don't smoke or do drugs so I could have possibly been a contender but I did not apply. I am not doing much to help with the environment. I mean to, I recycle my paper and cardboard and my bottles, but I have not done anything over and above.

I would like to send out a thank you and big CONGRATULATIONS to all those that are doing things to be healthier and make our world healthier!!! Since I have a year to be at home with my little man, I plan to do more to help create a more beautiful world for my family to live in!!


  1. i felt the same way too. I found staying at home gave me the opportunity to be more environmentally friendly. I had more time to sort stuff and go to the recycling bin and so on. Now that the city picks it up for us, it makes it even easier!! I love the Olympic Torch too! I remember when it went thru PA for the Calgary Olympics. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I can't wait to see it again!


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