Burping babies

So one of the things new parents do with their new babies is burp them. So the new mom feeds the baby and then places the baby on their lap in a seated position, or laying across their lap or over their shoulder and begins to pat their little backs to get that gas bubble out of their stomach. Sometimes it takes FOREVER. you feel like by the time this child burps, you will be needing to feed them again. Our parents tell us their tricks for burping but they all seem the same, just some variation on what the nurses in the hospital tell us. There has got to be an easier way to burp these little guys!!!

I am about to let you in on a secret, I have found a way. It is an amazing little trick, but it works everytime. It's simple and easy and what's strange is I have no idea why it works. The secret is this.... lift the babies arm up. You can lift them alternately, or together. Usually the lifting of the arm brings the burp up, if the baby doesn't burp, pat their back and within three or four pats the little gaffer will burp. It's a pretty amazing thing. Leigham is well burped. lol

If you have a little baby that needs burping try this. It works!!!


  1. I have been told to let everyone know that my mother filled me in on this little burping secret. lol


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