My puppy

So last year I got it into my head that I wanted a dog. After much research and self debate i chose to get a Great Dane-mastiff crossed puppy that was for sale just north of Red Deer. The add for these *little* puppies had been in the paper for three weeks. I called the number and they had one little girl left so Adrian and I went up to take a look to see if I wanted this little puppy. Well they were adorable, they looked like little cows and she had some unique eyes. They asked if I wanted to hold her and I said ok and that was the end of that I was taking home the little cow to become my puppy.

So this is her, the little princess. She's sitting in the front seat of my car at this point.

But as all dogs grow, Sasha began to grow. She didn't grow really fast but she began to grow and as she grew I noticed other idiosyncrasies about her as well. She suffered from separation anxiety, she would whine and howl if I had to leave her at home by herself. As I had to work she had to be left outside, but she would whine and howl. I worked with her as much as I could and eventually she has sort of grown out of this. She still doesn't like to be away from her family, at least not by herself, and she does not appreciate having to be outside when everyone else is inside. She definitely believes she should be treated like a person and not a pet, but I watch the Dog Whisperer and I treat her like a pet, not a person.

Here she is about a month after I got her, she's still little and cute. Well she is still cute now, but she was really cute back then.

Now my dog is scared of everything new. It took Chandler fifteen minutes to coax her up to the slide and another five to convince her to go down. She then avoided Chandler for the rest of the walk. She has become a very large dog. But she is still a scaredy cat.

When Adrian was off work because of his accident he was home all day and my dog got very spoiled, and then stopped being my dog. Sasha is now Adrian's dog, she has switched her loyalties. She still listens to me and isn't troublesome at all, but she looks at Adrian with adoration in her eyes. She will sit by him before she sits by anyone else she becomes excited when it's time for him to come home, yes Sasha is Adrian's dog because Adrian spoiled her like a little princess while he was off work. A spoiling she embraced and now expects continually.

The other cute little thing about my *little* dog is that I can dress her up. Yes I have to put Adrian's clothes on her but she is comfortable wearing bunnyhugs or hoodies. Now that it's cold out I am considering sewing her a bunnyhug of her own so she can wear it while she is outside. She is not happy that the snow returned. When it melted I think she thought it was gone and would never return. She despises winter.

But that is my dog, who really isn't my dog anymore. Maybe it's time for me to get another new puppy. A little puppy that will be my lap dog. hahhaa


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