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I am struggling with the blog to find things to write about, things that I care to share with everyone that may be relevant or pertinent to them.  But does that matter??? I mean really, this is my blog, you are either reading it because one of my tags brought it up in a search engine (unlikely at this point) or you are one of my friends that clicked on the link on Facebook or Twitter (most likely).

So then I can write anything and generate traffic because people will click the link regardless and if I can capitalize on those traffic increasing labels I can generate more readers.  But I have to be writing everyday or night. I wish my bedroom offered me a place to have my computer comfortably, because I enjoy typing in bed. I sometimes wish I'd just started a Video Log on youtube, that might be easier but then I'd have learn how to edit videos and stuff and seriously it is a lot of work. I've done it but I much prefer writing.

I do much better when my days are organized in themes, that's when I wrote the most consistently.  So maybe that's what I will do to help me stay on track. The bonus is that I can pre-write the blogs in any order and out of order so long as I know what day I am posting which blog.   I've never wrote blogs for the weekend but maybe that's something I should do, or maybe that's where I start.  Blog entries from Thursday to Sunday.  I know a lot of blogs don't produce new reading material on the weekend but that's when I usually sit down to read. .... Its definitely an idea.

I'd try to blog every day but let's get real it's hard enough for me to keep my entries to Monday to Friday consistently..  Hence, no blog entry this Monday.....Four days a week I could commit to.  So for the next month or until September 30 I am going to post new blogs every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and every second Monday to keep up with my fitness journey.  Look at that goal I just worked out.

Now for topics.... Monday's will be the updates, Thursday will be a What's cooking type of entry, new recipes or new organizational tools I'm trying to make suppers less stressful, Friday's will be Friday Fives, Saturday will focus on a local theme, Sundays for things I love.

Ok that's a start so here's to my blogging!!

What topics do you enjoy reading in blogs?  Leave a comment below I do try to answer them all!!


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