The Littlest Rebel

Back in February Lil Man's Uncle set him up with being the Little Rebel at a Red Deer Rebel's game.  For Lil Man it was a dream come true.  He loves hockey and no amount of persuasion on my part can dampen that love.  When I see how happy it makes him though I don't even try, but Lil Man knows that by choosing hockey he is choosing not to do other sports in the winter because then he'd be way to busy!
That night we also had a birthday party at the arena for Lil Man's friend/ cousin and we brought Miss S as our guest to see the game.  Miss S and Lil man have been friends since they were in Pre K and even though now they are getting into that I only want to play with my friends that are boys/ girls they still generally get along when they get together. They don't know it yet but I am pretty sure they will be best friends for life!
Lil Man got to watch the warm up from the bench, he thought it was the coolest thing and he was star struck when some of the Rebels even came up to talk to him.  I thought it was the cutest thing!

Lil Man posing in front of the Rebel's change room building his dream for the future.  Future Rebel!!!

Miss S and Lil man enjoyed meeting all the Rebels as they came off the ice.  I was glad Miss S got to experience this with Lil Man she is a great friend and I think they had a lot of fun!

 Here is where Lil Man was waiting to go on the ice for O Canada, he was so happy.  I forgot to take pictures but I took a few videos which you can see here.


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