Trying a new meal tonight

Ok I am running out of things to blog about so I will blog about my attempt to make Big Macs at home.

I saw this post on Facebook for homemade Big Macs and as we are on a spending diet I thought this might be something to try and it would at least be something different.

I love Big Macs, like seriously LOVE them, but I do not like how I feel after eating a McDonald's value meal. Bloated and gassy, it's just not worth the pain for the five minutes of flavour heaven. I'm hoping these may be a bit healthier since I am making them at home, but I guess we will see.

I am going to share with you my first memory of a Big Mac.  It's not even when I had my first Big Mac, but it is when I realized that Big Macs were things kids could order.

We had been on a family vacation to California and we had driven out to visit my cousin DJ.  After some talk we took DJ out for supper to a McDonald's (High rollers) oh wait it was his choice.  While there I was disappointed I couldn't order a McPizza as this McDonald's didn't sell them (first time I learned all McDonald's have different menus) and I had to have a cheeseburger.  DJ however orderd a Big Mac. Now DJ is only a year older than me but my eyes got so big because as if this kid could eat a Big Mac, he was just trying to be a show off.  But he ate it and he threw that styrofoam container in the garbage before I had even finished my meal.  I was impressed and I knew then that next time I had the opportunity I was going to order a Big Mac!! My mom also told the story of how DJ's dad Darryl would eat two Big Macs at one sitting plus the fries and drinks.  It was crazy to think that someone could eat two Big Macs at one sitting, it was not something I was inclined to try and no I have never eaten two Big Macs at one sitting.

Here is the link to the video that I used to make my Big Macs, I am going to do some further research because this was not my favourite at all. But it was a nice easy place to start!!


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