Almost finished the second draft

Or third draft... I'm really not sure.

Anyways I have been on Wattpad for over year now, my niece, Havana, introduced me to this website and I am loving it!!

It's a great place for me to put my writings up and be able to get people to read them and get comments and suggestions on them.  I've been neglectful though and I haven't been consistent in my posting and writings.

Last night I uploaded 4 chapters to my first novel that I have been doing on that website. It's a novel I had written by hand, then typed on the computer and I have now been uploading the chapters to Wattpad. I am really happy with the story, although as I am in the third draft now I am noticing some areas where I am lacking and some areas that I need to change.   The editing process of writing can be so difficult sometimes.

So go and check out my inaugural novel, it's actually going to end up being the second in that trilogy I've started the first novel but the first only has two chapters so far... sort of came up with the first novel after I'd finished the second one.

The novel is called Falling and here's the link.  Check it out let me know what you think.  Also check out the other authors on the site, they are all pretty good!


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