A little at a time!!

So I set my goals you can see something about them here.

But here's the written down version of what I am trying to do.

I am trying to spend some time focused on myself and on the things that I love about life.  I love running and exercising, not for weight loss (happy side effect) but for how I feel afterwards, that feeling of accomplishment and strength.  I love eating healthy food, food that not only fills and sustains you but food that also helps your body work in optimum capacity but that also tastes great!! I love when I find recipes that not only taste good but are in fact good for you!! I love writing and spending time in my imaginary worlds building characters and the world so that people may also come to enjoy them as well. I also like to focus on my job now, my job that is a dream job for me!!

So let's start with writing. I vow to spend 60 minutes a day writing, thirty on my blogs and thirty on my novels. I need to get my second novel done and uploaded to Wattpad

(check out the link if you want to see what I am writing) and I need to get a few blogs done so that when I get back to school I'm not scrambling to write the blogs. So what is my reward for finally doing this, it's intrinsic I get to feel accomplished!! And the minute I start earning money from blogging or writing then that's when I will start saving that money to go on a shopping spree for new clothes!!

I am going to comb through my pinterest boards (check the link for my pins) to find some new recipes and some that I have used that were successful for my family. Sometimes I feel like I am always making the same meal each week, so from now on One day each week will be a pinterest meal.  I am going to do this for 2 months see how it goes.

Now working out.....actually this is going not too bad.  In the last 14 days I have worked out 10 of the last 14 days.  I am going to start running again but I think I need to resolve myself to running at 7:30 at night for now and maybe when school starts I can run on my prep every other day or at lunch when I am not supervising especially in the winter when it gets dark so early.  I just need to be running after my kids are in bed, and as much as I'd love to run in the morning it just doesn't work out with my husband leaving at 7:15 and Chandler leaving shortly after so then I am left with no one to watch the kids.  I've also been doing yoga regularly and lifting some weights.

So I will keep those things up as well.  My goal at this point is to speed up my 5k and be able to run them without stopping, then I will start incorporating longer runs into them as well.  The goal is for next year during Seawheeze I will be able to run the whole thing in less than 2:15 mins.  I think this is doable I just have to commit myself to training and building my strength.

I am also looking to have some muscle definition in my arms (I've never had that) I don't want to look like a body builder but i want some definition, I am not working this hard to still look like I have soft flabby arms.  I'd also like my abs to be more defined, not a six pack or anything but to have some of the definition that I used to have.


So here is where I was when I started.  When I measured my whole body from neck to calf I was a total of 388.25 inches I also tipped the scales at 220 pounds (I am so embarrassed by this)  I have this hourglass shaped body so at no point did I not continue to keep my small waist (in proportion) and I had curves where women want curves so it's almost easy for me to put on weight and not notice as my silhouette doesn't really change.

I started and I was doing squats, bicep curls, shoulder presses, tricep extensions and shoulder raises and lunges.  I did 15 reps and to be very honest 1 set of each of these the first day.  I used a 10 lb weight to start with the squats, lunges and bicep curls.  I used 5 lbs weights for the rest.

After a week I was able to do 3 sets and I started using my 10 lb weight for all the exercises.  (my reasoning and i may be wrong is that a long time ago someone said that you should use the same weight for muscle building so that the muscles build even and you aren't left with really large biceps but triceps that can barely function) I also started some chest presses and I was up to 15 reps with 10lbs for each exercise without feeling muscle exhaustion.

So now I have been doing this for 2 weeks.  I am focusing on my big muscle groups quads, abs, hamstrings (i'm not sure what exercises I do to build my hamstrings??) while still working to increase the endurance of my smaller muscle groups (those arm muscles), this will be my big focus for the next two weeks before I do another measure and picture update.

And as to my results from the first two weeks.  I am down to 209 pounds (this wasn't my weight loss in 2 weeks but I finally stepped on the scale and from what I was 4 months ago when I last visited my scale this is where I am now) and I am down to 380.25 inches.  I had wanted to be down to 375 but I am actually really happy with 8 inches lost.


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