A vist to a farm

Back in April we headed for a day trip out to our buddies farm.  He had a bunch of baby goats and the kids were excited to see what Uncle Danny had at his farm.  I love this above picture because it really illustrates how much our dog Sasha is not our dog but Adrian's dog.  She often looks at me like I am the other woman intruding on her time with her man! HAHAHA Adrian doesn't think it's that funny but I get a total kick out of it!

Prince T was enthralled with all the animals on the farm, he really enjoyed watching the chickens through the chicken wire, heaven forbid he was on the same side as they were! Prince T would call to the chickens through the fence I'm not sure what he was calling because he was just making noise but he definitely seemed to enjoy himself.

Next we saw the goats!  I put Prince T and Lil man on the same side with the goats and took pictures. Lil Man LOVED it, Prince T, well he was ok as long as no goats came near him, when they came near he'd start crying!

 I'm not sure how he could cry these faces were so cute though!!!

It took some convincing but Lil Man finally agreed to go for a ride on the horse with Robyn.  He was scared at first but Adrian was able to convince him to face his fear and he allowed Robyn to take him for a little horse ride.  As soon as he got on the horse he didn't want to get off. He really thought it was funny when the horse pooped while he was sitting on him.  I think Lil Man would like to horseback ride more often, now just to find somewhere that gives lessons for him to ride!

Prince T really wanted to get my camera and loved taking pictures with it!

 The boys also got to play on the tractor.  Lil Man was enthralled and so happy Uncle Danny let him drive the tractor out to the field.  It was a busy day outside and the boys loved it!
 After lunch Prince T let us know he had had enough and laid down on the floor looking at us so we could go. He was asleep in the truck before we left the driveway!!


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