My Baby Graduated!!!

It's a hard thing to watch your babies grow up but if they grow up to be as fabulous as mine then you are truly blessed!! I couldn't ask for a better kid, he's charming, caring, funny (even though I don't always get his humour), and he's driven.  He impresses the people he works for, they say he's a hard worker and isn't afraid to ask questions (YES that finally got driven home)!! And he cleans up pretty nicely actually!!  
 I still find it hard to believe that he graduated.  Not because he couldn't do it, I always knew he could he just had to put in the effort, but because time has flown by.  I still remember his first day of preschool!! I still remember when he took his first step, when he was born like it was yesterday.  And now, NOW he is this "grown ass man" as he likes to tell me jokingly as we have a rapport that allows him those freedoms.

 He's not the first in his family to graduate from high school, but there were a lot of factors that could have made him a statistic.  He's parents were very young when they had him, then his parents got divorced and he was from a single parent family.  He shuttled back and forth to visit his dad.  But because I was a stickler for education and told him from the time he was in grade one or two that if he ever failed a class he would be kept back to repeat.  To this day he has never failed a class.  There were a couple times it came close but his teachers were great and Chandler always buckled down!

 My handsome man at his grand March! It is so nice to see him all happy and smiley!! He deserved this day, he worked hard for it! I was overcome with PRIDE!!! I wanted to phone the newspapers, the radio stations the television stations EVERYONE because my baby, my little baby boy had graduated from high school!!!

Yup this little (not so little anymore) man, my Chandler-man, has become a pretty amazing young man! He's got a lot of learning to do (as did we all through our 20s) but I am sure he will handle it all with much more grace and class than many of his peers, because he's proven that he has a maturity beyond his years.
Chandler I love you!!!


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