Winter Wonderland

This year we had a long winter, a REALLY long winter.  It snowed in October, it stayed for November, December, January, February, March and we even got snow in April.  And not little amounts of snow, like record breaking amounts of snow.  I was sick of winter back in February and having to go through 2 more months of winter type weather just about drove me batty.  However, I persevered and made it through to spring which i am LOVING!!! But throughout winter we did make the best of things and here are some of the things we did!!
Lil Man enjoys the snow much more than I do, thankfully we have a fenced back yard, so he was able to go out after the first snow fall and Hoe the snow off the sidewalks. He was determined to help with clearing the sidewalks haha.

This is the first snow fall of the year!! It was a huge dumping and we got about three of four more snow dumpings just like this one!! It was a crazy amount of snow, nothing that I have seen in years, like years and years, maybe since I was a kid!

So because we had so much snow, and it kept coming we decided to build a fort with Lil Man this year.  We built it in the front yard because we didn't want the dogs ruining it.  We did snow painting on the fort as well, I think it was a favourite activity for little man, and he loved the snow painting which kept him busy for long periods of time, it was great!!

We also did some of those other "of course" winter activities. We took Lil Man skiing for the first time, he really seemed to enjoy it and then we also did some skating which he did really well with this year and really enjoyed!!

In March everything started to melt, and then April 18th we had a huge snow fall again. I would have sworn hell had frozen over with the amount of snow that came down, Lil Man once again had fun in the snow.  He built snowmen!!
 Here is Lil Man and hubby building the snowman, the dogs were helping too!
 This is Olaf the Snowman, yes Lil Man really loves Frozen and everything was named after characters in Frozen this winter!!

 I really think he was ready for spring, but he made the best of things and decided that his lawn mower could mow the snow to create paths.
The great thing about this last snow fall though is that within in two days all the snow had melted into oblivion!!

And as the snow melted we were able to enjoy splashing in the spring puddles!! Winter seems to have vacated the north for now and summer is on it's way!! I plan to enjoy every last minute of it!!


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