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It can be difficult to find people to look  up to in this world.  People will disappoint you, people will make choices that confound you, people will rebel and live their life their way which may not always be in congruence with your way of living.  But sometimes, a gem is revealed to the world, sometimes there are people who come into this world that live extraordinary lives, and who make great choices and really show others that it can be done. "It" being living a life in the public eye without making foolhardy choices!

I don't feel these people are usually peers, or people who are in the same generation as you are, usually, much to the younger generations qualms, it is someone older, wiser and with much more life experience.  I don't think this is a bad thing, but it does show that maybe our parents, grandparents, elders may actually know things that we don't know and may actually be quite smart.  For me I found two Hollywood stars that have uttered some very smart phrases over the years and have lived lives that I consider to be exemplary.  Not to say that they didn't do or make poor choices in their youth, but they aren't remembered that way and I feel that's important.  These two stars are Audrey Hepburn and Judy Garland.  Today I'm going to talk about Audrey Hepburn and why I admire her.
Audrey Hepburn is a classic beauty, a gem.  She always carried herself with style and grace.  She was always able to make her outfits work, she dressed for her body type and didn't try to be anything she wasn't.  As far as I can tell, she didn't struggle with an eating disorder and was not obsessed with her weight (excess or lack there of).  Her style is a style I try to emulate, I don't do it wonderfully yet, but I am getting there.  When I do buy new clothes I look for classic pieces with neutral colours and I use my Fifth Avenue Collection jewelry to accent these pieces with the colours of the season.  

This quote is one of my favourites! I agree with her 100%! I believe in pink, I think pink is a strong colour, pink is colour that is feminine, pink is a colour that is now representing taking a stand, taking a stand against bullying.  It's a first step but pink is going to be a power player, it is a washed out version of red, but I think it's as powerful as red.  I also believe laughing is a great calorie burner but I also think laughter is a great cure for many ailments, it is the best medicine.  People who are happy laugh and laughing people are always beautiful!!  I also like to kiss, and I kiss my loved ones as often and frequently as they allow.  (the baby never protests, the lil man allows the kisses but pretends to wipe them off, the oldest son tries to avoid them as best he can)  I believe being strong is the only option when things go wrong, it's the only way to effectively face problems, be strong and have faith that things will work out, and they usually do.  I believe happy is the best thing people can wear, even if you aren't if you fake it you will eventually be happy. I believe being happy is a choice, because we are in charge of our feelings, only we can feel a certain way no one can make us feel anything unless we allow them.  I believe that tomorrow is filled with endless possibilities only limited by your choices and decisions that you make. I believe in miracles, I have experienced countless little miracles in my life, three of which were the births of my son, the other little miracles I have experienced include but are not limited to beautiful sunrises, beautiful sunsets, Old Faithful erupting, family pulling together during  crisis.  Miracles are everywhere they don't have to be walking on water or turing water into wine (those would be cool to experience) but they can be the little things, the blade of grass pushing through the sidewalk...

This is another powerful quote from Audrey.  She was a great humanitarian and I think it's important to treat people decently in this world, because people are our greatest resource. Another quote comes to mind, I don't know who said it but it goes "The problem with the world today is that things are being loved and people are being used." Things are just that, things, they should be used, they should utilized for what they were developed for, they should not be held in higher esteem than people.  For me these quotes resonate with me, they are a map of how I would like to live my life, which would lead to how I hope to influence the world.  It's also how I would like to be remembered when I leave this world, many years from now.

There are many other quotes and ideas I have taken from Audrey Hepburn and applied to my own life.  She was a great person, beautiful inside and out!! I hope to live up to her legacy and leave  legacy similar to hers!


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