My Lil Man

Have you met Lil Man?  Whether you answered yes or no, I've talked about him enough on here and Facebook that you probably have some sort of idea about his personality and stuff.  He's an amazing Lil Man and I can see the amazing man he is going to become as he grows older as long as he stays true to himself and does not worry about what other people think. See little kids don't care as much as to what others think, they do sometimes, sometimes Lil Man and I have to have conversations about why it's not important that his friends not like something he does because he can be different from his friends and they can still be friends (he's four), but it's still not to the extent that adults seem to care what people think.  I've had similar conversations with his older brother at that age as well, my boys are very attuned to others emotions but also to what is fair and just.

So let me tell you a little more about Lil Man.

He loves babies, absolutely adores little children (children smaller than him) most of the time and idolizes kids bigger than him. He has many friends, our neighbours, the parents, are his friends, my friends kids are his friends, his eldest brother's friends are his friends and he has many school friends as well, plus soccer and swimming friends.  He's very friendly and enjoys making new friends, but also cultivating his current friendships.

Lil man is also very stubborn determined, he knows what he wants and will work to get it.  He can be whiney, but we don't speak whine, unless it's red or white (hahah), in this house and he is directed to come back and use his big boy voice if he is whining.  I personally think this is a phase and he will grow out of it.

He is very energetic, he has more energy in his 40 pound body than a nuclear bomb somedays.  He likes to move and he loves sports.  I didn't sign him up for t ball this spring and he recently told me I should have (eye roll).  He's going to force me to take on a second job just to pay for his activities. (I jest he's only allowed one or two activities a season, but he likes those expensive ones {hockey})

Lil man is too smart for his own good sometimes and he has a memory like mine (meaning very good and very long).  He remembers when you say you will do something and he holds you to it, there is no, maybe he'll just forget about it so we won't have to go to the park, he remembers and you go to the park. He remembers going places and if he liked those places he will ask to go again and again, it could be a year since you were last at this one place and he will ask to go again.  He loves to read and he loves to write his own stories. His writing is creative writing and I often have to have him dictate what he has written so I can translate it into english but he loves to spend time doing those things.

Lil Man loves to sing, and he loves songs.  His current favs to sing are O Canada and Jingle Bells.  So often you will hear him singing one of these two songs, but he can be heard singing others including Mr. Turkey, Twinkle Twinkle, Hush Little Baby, and Rock a By Baby.  He even sings to his little brother, it's very sweet.

All in all Lil man is a sweet little boy with a wonderful disposition.  He's caring, kind, smart, energetic, and handsome!! I am so glad that he is one of mine!!


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