Drinking Water

Water, bleh, I'm not a huge fan of drinking water, I love swimming, boating, even dancing in the rain (sometimes), but drinking water, fine if I have to.
That is literally my thoughts and feelings on drinking water, but I do understand it's important, it's just so boring.

While I was pregnant I was quite diligent about drinking a lot of water everyday, even though my trips to the washroom increased exponentially with each drop of water I ingested.  But I did feel great, no headaches, no bone aches (back and neck) no headaches and my skin felt great, I didn't feel like I had any dry skin anywhere, and that was going through the dead of winter in Alberta.  I drank a lot of water because I did, and I would drink water throughout the night, which really increased my water intake.

Anyways, since Prince T was born my water intake has dropped off.  To the point where I am sure there have been days when I am lucky to have taken in 2 glasses of water.  I've had headaches, constipation, sore neck and back, sore muscles and dry, dry skin (which I HATE).  And granted my body is going through some changes with not being pregnant anymore so, is it hormones or not drinking enough water that's causing this issue?

Why is it not just the not consuming enough water? Well before I was pregnant I didn't drink that much water, because I don't like water. Well it's not like I don't like water, I just prefer things that have a taste to them and water is very blah!!  So I have a feeling it may be a little of both, or the truth may be that my body got used to having the proper amount of water each day and now it's rebelling against me. As much as I would hate to admit that there's probably a lot of truth behind it!!

So I've decided to challenge myself to drink more water every day.  I've even taken a picture of myself for the start of this journey to see if I notice any changes in my appearance as I go through this habit development.

Yes habit development, because drinking enough water is a habit that I need to develop in myself.  Plus I have seen some articles that show others going through this and documenting their journey as well. So this is the start of my journey to see if I start to feel healthier by drinking water and to see what changes happen just by increasing my water intake.

So here's to drinking water!! Fun


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