Playgrounds around Red Deer

To all my mom's in Red Deer, I'm going to tell you about some of my favourite kids parks in town.  Red Deer has many parks, it's one of the great things about this city, there are lot's of green spaces and lot's of playgrounds around for you and kids to enjoy!! Some are very busy and some are less busy so it depends on your child's age and how many people you want to be around while at the park.

Two of the best known parks for kids in town are Bower Ponds and Rotary Park. These two are great areas, but they are very well known and a lot of parents go to these parks so they are often very busy. They also seem to be built for pre school to school age children, if you have young toddlers they are going to need your assistance on the park, not going to be a relaxing place for you to sit and visit. Plus with all the bigger kids being there you are going to have to be very aware of what is going on.  For me personally, I like to relax while my child plays at the park, it's fun to play with the kids but it's also fun to allow them to play with their friends or peers.

Some other parks that I have enjoyed taking my child to are Heritage Square Park and Parkland CLASS park.  The Heritage Square Park has the wading pool by it in the summer so on hot days this is an added bonus plus all the trees offers nice shade coverage!! The playground apparatus is a ship and it's a nice set up for 3+ years of age. It's not to high off the ground and they have a lot of green space for the kids to run around as well. Plus the spongey ground is soft for those little kid stumbles.  The Parkland CLASS park is great, and I sort of hate telling everyone about this park, it's my favourite park to take Lil Man to!
It's wheelchair accessible and no matter where you sit around the playground structure, you can see your kids. Its great for any age child, 2 year olds can play on it, they may need more supervision than the 4 year olds, but they can play independently and aren't likely to get very hurt. (just so you are all aware I am not a helicopter parent, I let my children play and get hurt a little so they learn to protect themselves)
The only downfall for the Parkland CLASS park is the lack of trees and washrooms. But there is a big open green space for running and it's right on the trails and Kerry Wood Nature centre is so close!!

Another Park that I have recently started going to is Mackenzie Trails. It's a nice area for picnics and they have two playground structures that children can enjoy playing on. My friend and I went last week and her 11 month old was able to play on the one play structure almost independently so it was great!!

Check them out and let me know any other playgrounds that are awesome to go to!!!


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