Squat and crunches challenge!!

This will be a short post, I know we are all very surprised, but I was just going to update everyone on where I was for my 30 day challenge and how I feel it's been going.

I've definitely forgotten to do a couple days, I've chalked it up to taking extra rest days, not because my muscles were sore, but sometimes exhaustion just takes over and with a new baby sleep is very important!!  I choose sleep over exercise, but we are working on our routine and hopefully something will start to fall into place and my exercising time slot will fall in somewhere that works!

I've been doing this for just over a week, I'm on day 12 which should be a rest day, but I've had two rest days because of needing extra sleep, so today is not a rest day as day 8 was not a rest either so I can get back on track.

I actually love doing the squat challenge! I have great legs!! They are quite muscular which is fantastic, but I don't feel the squats are too difficult to do, it seems easy, but let's talk after day 16!

As for the crunch challenge, thats a bit more difficult, my abs are definitely out of shape from having the baby so this challenge is challenging them.  This is perfect because I'd like to pull these abs in a bit, it may take two 30 day ab challenges to get where I want to be or even three but thats ok, I have time and it's fun to race the commercials.

What's race the commercials you ask?  Well I take the number of crunches I have to do and divide it into two sets, then when a commercial comes on during whatever show I'm watching and start my crunches and race to see if I can finish the set of crunches before the commercials end.  

So thats where I am plus walking lil man to school at least 3 times a week, so Im definitely more active and loving it!!!


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