Hotpot Studios

I've known about Hotpot Studios for a few years now but I've never gone in, I really wasn't sure it was something I would want to give my time to, so I just didn't pursue it.  Then in April with my dress club it was arranged for us to go. So I went not knowing what I was going to do or if I would even enjoy being there for a few hours painting ceramics.....

Oh did I not mention that, Hotpot Studios is a ceramic painting studio. So you go in and pick out a ceramic piece then paint it however you wish and they fire it in the kiln and then you have a beautiful new ceramic piece.  They have everything from little figurines, to large serving plates, or large bowls.  So back to April...

I wandered around the studio looking for a piece to paint, I thought of a coffee mug, but disregarded that because I like coffee mugs to have pairs and I didn't know if I would want to spend the extra time to do two.  I'm not always the most creative person but I do like to do a good job when I paint and didn't want to be rushed.  After much hemming and hawing I chose a mini flower pot to paint.  The next step was picking my paints, I may have had more difficulty with this than actually picking out the piece.  I settled on three different colours and then I started my design.  To be perfectly honest I was quite proud of my finished project and I did have a really good time.  It was fun that I was able to go with some good girlfriends and we had a fun evening!! I do recommend this activity for a good girls night out!!

I have now been back two more times and I have painted something for Lil Man and something for Prince T.  I painted a piggy bank for Prince T, a Nemo piggy bank to match his bedroom decor.  And I have now painted a popcorn bowl especially for Lil Man, he loves popcorn and when his dad is home it's his favourite snack.  I am now planning to go back again and maybe take Lil Man with me to paint a bowl for Adrian and another bowl Chan and I'll probably do one for myself.  Then I can sell the popcorn bowls that we currently use!! I'm pretty excited because now my creative juices are flowing and I have some great ideas for things to paint in the coming months!!


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