Quiet Time

For those of you that know me, you know I am a social person!! I love to be out and around people, having adult conversation, whether that's about the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy or how messy Prince T is when he nurses, doesn't matter so long as the person I am conversing with is an adult.  However, I have found that there are times when I absolutely love the quiet times, the times when I get to be alone with my own thoughts or even quiet time with my boys. These aren't the most sought after times but they are some of the most enjoyed times.

I actually try to schedule quiet time for myself, where there is no television, no music, no computers or phones, just me, myself, my thoughts and maybe a little snuggle bug!  It usually happens at night, bedtime for the boys is the best time in my opinion.  I will crawl in bed with lil man for cuddles and he'll offer hugs and snuggles and it just puts into perspective what's truly important in life.

When I'm not cuddling with the boys during quiet time, I'm alone with my own thoughts.  This can be, quite honestly, a scary time. It's the time of day where I am honest with myself and think about my day and try to figure out where any stress may be coming from or determine what I would like to do for the following day.  I don't get quiet time everyday, but at least once a week.  Sometimes, I spend quiet time just watching one of the boys sleeping (not the oldest, he thinks it's creepy lol) but the younger ones and whisper my dreams for them into their ears. Or I just watch them sleep and marvel at the miracle they each are.

So, I suggest to each of you, if you are like me, to take some time and have some quiet time.  Reconnect with yourself, you never know what you may find out or discover about yourself!!

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