Week 14 52 week challenge Clutter

So all of my good friends will know this, I’m a bit of a clutter bug.  I had a cluttered desk in school, that turned into a cluttered locker, that was always a cluttered bedroom and now a cluttered house.  Not dirty, just cluttered. I have a lot of stuff and have problems ridding myself of my clutter. For example, I have 30 VHS tapes and NO VCR, but do I get rid of them??  No why would I do that, that would mean parting with shows that Chandler watched as a toddler, it’s dumb and sentimental and if I lost those VHS’s in a fire I wouldn’t replace them, I would just let them expire, but actually packing them up and taking them out of my house, well that’s another matter.  So I took a picture of my least cluttered area, because the rest are a little absurd.  Enjoy!!!


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