Viva Las Vegas Round Two Saturday!!!

So after a full twenty four hours in Vegas you would think we would have become accustomed to the various differences in time and various need for sleep.  But no, even though I was in bed by midnight, almost three hours past my regular bedtime (I know lame), I was up at the crack of dawn.  That wasn't even bad my hubby had only arrived back to the hotel at 4 in the morning, complaining that he hates this town because he got lost, and he was up and wide awake at 8 am.  I had laid awake for an hour, trying to will myself back to sleep which became a useless task. So let's begin this day!!
Saturday wasn't as full as Friday was, catching the bus in Vegas is simple but it can be a little time consuming and they only allow 5 people in a cab, apparently that's a state law.  So Saturday morning we went shopping again, ok i went shopping and hubby begrudgingly followed me around.  We only walked a couple blocks down the strip to Ross so that I could buy some items I was searching for.
I was lucky again at Ross, I love Ross Dress for Less, <3 nbsp="">


Anyways after the shopping, we went back to the Excalibur, had a quick lunch and then headed for the pool!!  My brother and his finance were meeting us there as well.  It was a great relaxing afternoon, couple dips, flips on the sun chairs and we were toasty warm and getting out tan on.  I think I may have dozed off a bit, but it was just a nice atmosphere to just relax in!! Hubby may have relaxed too much as he got pretty burned on the front, good thing he wasn't going to be in any wedding pictures with his shirt off.

After the pool, my brother, his fiancee, my hubby and I all got ready to head out for supper.  My brother had managed to get a group on for a buffet at Paris for all you can eat and drink, so we definitely took advantage of that.  The line was crazy ridiculous, but the food was WELL WORTH THE WAIT!! It was so good!! And the crepe station was the piece de resistance!!!

Then back to the strip to walk back to the hotel and see some of the sites.  We had to stop so hubby could get a picture with BumbleBee,
we watched the Bellagio fountains,

then we wandered through Cosmopolitan and down to the south end of the strip.
Then it was back to bed because the next day was Courtney's wedding!!!


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