The flu, food poisoning, or something else

On Saturday, my last day in Mexico, I was struck down by an illness.  I was so sick, I hardly slept at all Friday night, I kept waking up feeling ill then I tossed and turned. I had the chills and it was not a good morning. 
            I don’t know what it is about me, but I got up, ate breakfast, and went down to the restaurant because I was going to go out to do my work.  I was not going to let the team down, and I was needed out to do some audits and that’s what I was going to do. The people I had travelled with took one look at me and banished me back to my room, where I prayed to the Mexican Toilet Gods.  They answered my prayer and made me feel better.  But I did lay in bed that whole day, and slept off and on, because I was leaving on Sunday to go home.  I ate a bowl of chicken broth soup that was all, and I love food, so this was not a good day.
good morning volcano
the cathedral
            I woke up after sleeping for probably 14 to 16 hours on Sunday and I was ready to go home, I was ready to eat food, American or Canadian!!  My boss asked if I was feeling ok and kindly offered to get me a hotel in Mexico City if I didn’t feel up to travelling, but nothing was going to keep me from getting home, I needed to get home and to eat food I could depend on not to make me sick.  And I did eat when I got to Dallas, they have this wonderful Barbeque place in the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and after a day of not eating it was the best thing I had tasted. 
            I loved my experience in Mexico but I love home!! I was so glad to be home with my boys, that is sometimes the best thing about a holiday, it’s coming home!!!


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