Viva Las Vegas Round two Day two

Sleep what's sleep?? This is especially true in Vegas!! I was so tired when I finally fell asleep the day we arrived in Vegas yet, I was up at 7 like normal, and wide awake.  So I got up and headed down to the gym and did a workout.
After that workout I met Adrian back in the room and we got ready to head out for the day.  First stop.... OUTLET shopping!!!  Where i bought almost nothing, seriously, I bought nothing!! My husband on the other hand bought tons and tons of stuff!! Ok maybe not tons and tons, but he did buy a significant amount of things.  Well ok he just spent more money than I did.
After wearing our shoes out at the outlet mall we headed off to the pool at the Wet Bar in MGM.  It was an experience, but it was a lot of fun!! There was music and a pool and table and lot of booze!!  I think it was a pretty expensive afternoon, but the boys from the wedding party were winning and spending their money as fast as they won it.  No wonder no one ever leaves Vegas richer!!
After the wet bar, the boys and girls separated.  Us girls were trying to go to Thunder from Down Under again, but they were sold out so we went to Dicks and did some gambling instead.  The boys went out to find trouble on the Vegas Strip!!  (and if their stories are to be believed, they failed hahahA) They ended up winning at a table game, bought a limo who took them to the strippers (after stopping at 7-11 for booze) and then they went back to a casino.  Hubby got lost, but eventually found my brother and then they staggered back to the hotel. To be fair, I am sure my brother staggered less on night two than he had on night one, as apparently he was passed out by 9 on their first night in town.  Something about drinking at a table game for 4 hours and not moving and not having anything to eat either.
The girls night was tamer, mostly because I'm old and well, I like to sleep so I was in the hotel room by midnight and out by 12:30.  I still had a good time, but there was lot's to do on Saturday and I wanted to be well rested!!!


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