Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo, twice in a week, my life is on an up swing.  I went the first time with the girls from work and it was fantastic, so I thought it would be a great trip to take with the boys.  Then I realized that I had been a neglectful mom and had never taken Lil Man to the zoo before, and I can't even understand how that happened.

So Sunday after the family reunion we headed to the zoo with our cousins, Graham, Carla and their two girls!!

There are so many sights to see at the Calgary Zoo, the newest exhibit is the Penguin exhibit.  Unfortunately, they closed down the Australia Exhibit (back in 2010) and that made me sad. I didn't exactly like the Australia exhibit, it was never my favorite but the kangaroos were neat and some of those night creatures were creepily intriguing.  Our first stop at the Zoo was the Penguins, it's right when you come in, so it makes it easy!!

Those lil penguins are so darn cute.  The little tuxedo wearing acrobats! The rock hoppers are my favourite!! One poor little penguin was moulting, and he was still in his winter feathers and they just didnt' seem to want to come off so he kept pacing around and around, not standing still like his brethren.

After the penguins we went to see the Tigers, Gorillas, Hippos, Lions, Giraffes and Monkeys.  These guys have been at the zoo for a long time, but they are still a lot of fun to watch.  My favourites are the Hippos, they are so ugly they are cute.

The zoo had posted that giraffes weren't around the day we went to visit, but I guess that was a mistake because we saw both giraffes in their area, I really do think they are very graceful looking creatures.

Lil Man was thrilled with the zoo! I think he liked the Elephants and Tigers the best, we definitely got the most reaction from him when we saw those animals.  It may have been because they were the most active, or Lil Man just really likes them.  He is a lot like Chandler in the animals he likes the best.

We finished off the zoo with a family trip through the prehistoric park, our cousins left early, so we spent the next thirty minutes wandering through the dinosaur display.  We took some pictures and then it was time to leave. Lil man was so good for his first trip to the zoo, and his brother was such a great big brother and so accommodating.  I am very proud of my two boys!!!


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