Touring Morales

I was able to make it out to one of the areas of Morales where the psychologists are working with families with children with disabilities.  This area was Tetela du Vulcan.  Yes that means Volcano.  I was as close to a volcano as I had ever been, but I had not even got that close, it’s not like I looked down inside the volcano or anything.  But it was cool!!
            I was able to see a part of Mexico that most foreigners don’t see, it wasn’t a resort, it wasn’t a huge city, but it was lovely.  The people are so friendly, so grateful and it truly made me appreciate all the luxuries I have in my life.  I think it’s a great experience and it changed my outlook on a lot of things.
            I was able to go to two villages that are built on the side of the volcano, which really isn’t as threatening as I pictured it.  I totally thought that you would smell the sulfur in the air because a hundred feet up the volcano would be smoking. I think we were probably miles from the top of the volcano in each village I visited. 

I am very glad I was able to go on this trip, it was what I hope won’t turn to be, a once in a life time experience.


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