Viva Las Vegas Round 2

I personally think Vegas is the type of town that grows on you.  My first visit to Las Vegas was ok, but I didn't get all the hype that I saw everyone posting about, I truly thought it was a neat place, but give me a beach any day!!  So when my sister decided her wedding location was going to be Vegas, I had mixed feelings about it.   I needed to make this trip more fulfilling then the last.

The first thing we did was ensure that we were not bringing children with us! Check, both kids were deposited at aunties houses for the week!!  Grandma and Papa would check up on the lil one and my big son would be spending some time with his lil cousins.  First hurdle solved, now just to figure out what Hubby and I would be doing in Vegas.

This was literally the first trip I did not plan down to the wire.  Vegas is so busy on a normal day that I thought instead of planning things out we would just play it by ear and see where the wind took us.  It was also Hubby's first time in Vegas, and he was kept busy, but I think he liked it.  Though, there is a reason we get along, he'd take a beach any day over Vegas, lol.

We got a late start the day we went to Vegas, we didn't arrive at the hotel until 11pm.  Everyone that was there before us was partied out, and Hubby and I were exhausted from all the travelling that we just crashed in the hotel room.

Flying with my hubby is interesting.  He gets pulled over and "randomly" searched at every security check point.  I rarely get stopped, unless it's when I am heading back into Canada, but that's truly another rant for another day.  We flew from Calgary to Vancouver, hubby was searched in Calgary, then we we landed in Vancouver we had to go through customs and security again.  But it was weird because I didn't see an area where we left a secured area of the Vancouver airport, security check points were always on our right and people were coming our way to get to the customs.  It seemed that in Vancouver you have to go through two security check points to board a plane to the states.  As we were talking to the Customs officer to get into the states, he asked me a couple questions, smiled and was about to nod us through, then he got a quizzical look on his face, asked Hubby a question, then punched some keys on his keyboard, glanced back at Hubby, asked another question, punched some more then almost begrudgingly let us through.  I'm not sure why Hubby is always interrogated but it makes for an interesting discussion for the two of us to have.

We made it to Vegas without further incidents, but it was a long trip, we left the house at 9 am, and didn't land in Vegas until 11 pm.  I was ready for a long sleep and Vegas activities could start the next day!!


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