Viva Las Vegas Round two WEDDING DAY

The first day where my body seems to want to sleep in I had to be up early, as I had to head over to the Bellagio to get my hair done and start prepping for the wedding with my beautiful sister.
All the bridesmaids met in Courtney's hotel room then we headed down to the salon so we could make our appointments.  Courtney got a manicure done and when she was finished we all had our hair styled.  Courtney looked absolutely stunning, she has the nicest ebony colour hair and it's long and they had a half up do done for her!! After the hair was all styled and pinned into place we headed up to Courtney's suite for the dress and make up portion of getting ready.

After ordering some room service the girls began the process of doing make up and getting into our dresses.  It was fun and Courtney's other bridesmaids were great to hang out with, I knew Pam from before but this was the first time I had met Courtney's friend and sister in law Trinity.  She was very nice and I could see why Courtney always spoke so highly of Trinity.
Finally, all the primping was done, photos were taken and it was time to find the chapel.  No talking Courtney out of the marriage was ready and raring to go!!  It was in a little chapel and they actually broadcasted it live over the internet so my grandma and Chandler were able to see it once we set them up with watching it!!
It was a wonderful ceremony, nice a short!!  Then it was time for pictures, pictures and more pictures.  My feet, which were in high heels, were aching.  I either need to give up high heels, or wear them more often, I am leaning towards giving them up, my feet can't take it any more.

After the ceremony we headed out to find supper at Trevi in Ceasar's Palace Shoppe Forums.  Once we had all arrived we had a great time.  Impromptu speeches were given, and supper was had, it was phenomenal!! After supper we headed over to the Flamingo to Carlos and Charlies where we were able to get a deal for 2 for 1 margaritas and 2 for 1 beer.
Now let me just explain a little something to those readers who have never gone drinking with me.... I don't drink margaritas because I don't drink tequila, and I am not a big beer drinker, so I knew I was either going to be nursing some drinks all night or I was going to become inebriated to the point of passing out on the really was a crap shoot.  I ordered two margaritas, because I figured that would be the safest thing to do, little did I know each margarita came with 3, yes 3 shots of tequila.  I was almost drunk off the first sip.
After awhile of visiting we began to get antsy and noticed the beer bazookas on the bar, we enquired and found out that for 100 ounces of beer we would spend $40.  We were discussing this at the table when the bartender came up and explained that beer bazookas were part of our deal and we could get two for one.  DONE!! We ordered two beer bazookas and began the epic challenge of flippy cup!!  Three or four more orders later, they were closing up and I was trying to talk the bartender and manager into looking the other way as the beer bazooka was carried out of the bar by myself or my hubby.  We ended up heading to another club area and I completely forget the name, but it was somewhere by Harrah's and across the street from the mirage!
After an hour I had decided I was exhausted and needed to go home, so I rounded up my hubby informed my brother and his fiancee and we all headed to catch a cab and head on back to the Excalibur.  By this time it was 3 am and almost time for me to get up on a normal day hahaha.  It was a great wedding and I am so happy for my sister!!!


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