Riverdale Episode 9 Recap

We finally get a look inside Thorn Hill and learn a little more about the Blossom family.  And the Blossoms are into Maple Syrup, it's everywhere in the town.  What will happen to the Blossom Family business now that Jason is dead?

So many questions and so few answers, and really is maple syrup that much of a lucrative business or is there more to this story?

Betty just wants to know why Polly isn't talking to her, Alice just wants to paint the Blossoms as a horrible family. Betty learns from Archie that Polly is fine but Betty finds it hard to believe that Polly won't even talk to her.  When that doesn't satisfy her curosity she approaches Cheryl, who is less than helpful. Alice loses her patience with Hank and hurls a brick through the door of his shop.

Veronica and Hermoine are dealing with the fact that Hiram Lodge knows that Hermoine has had a tryst with Fred Andrews, but Fred Andrews still does not know that Lodge Industry is his new boss. Veronica also reaches out to Ethel again and puts on her nice girl cap.  It was always true in the comics that Veronica could be really nice but sometimes she was evil, seems the show wants Veronica to take on the nice rich girl role.  I enjoy it, but I really like to see Veronica as a mean girl to those that need it (ie. Cheryl).  Veronica then learns that Ethel's troubles came because they invested with Hiram Lodge, Veronica now sees the hazards of investing.  Hermoine comes clean with Fred which ends their budding romance and leaves them just as partners.  Ethel's dad then attempts to commit suicide, Veronica admits to Ethel's mom who she is and apologizes for what her father did, Ethel's mom loses it on Veronica but Betty stays close and supports her friend.

Cheryl has to attend her annual family event of the tapping of the maple tree.  She hooks Archie into joining her.  Because Archie is usually a hapless sap, he goes along but it costs him.  Archie tries to convince Cheryl to ask someone else, but Archie gives in because he's naive and wants to be the nice guy. But is he really the nice guy or is he doing this to get ahead, since he finally agrees to attend after Mrs. Blossom says she will put in a good word with an influential music program if Archie agrees to go.  The tree tapping is a big to do with all the Board of Trustees coming to see the tree tapping, scroll reading and all.....seems a bit pretentious! Archie does talk to Polly but gets no answers. Archie attempts to negotiate a deal between the Blossoms and Andrews so that Fred's company doesn't go under, Cliff Blossom seems to be willing to talk but is it a ruse? Archie then attends another function with Cheryl and it causes Archie and Valerie to break up.  Archie doesn't realize his integrity is at stake.  When Archie finally wakes up, learning that the Blossoms had something to do with Hiram Lodge's arrest and that Polly believes that the Blossoms had something to do with Jason's death, Archie walks away.


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