Riverdale Episode 10 Recap

The Andrews: Fred decides to head to Chicago to finalize his divorce with Mary.  Archie wants his dad to maybe reconsider the divorce, but Fred insists he stays home, so Archie and Jughead are home alone.   Archie gets decidedly drunk the night of Jughead's birthday, calls his dad but doesn't say anything.

The Coopers: Betty tries to be good girlfriend and plan a surprise for Jughead's birthday as well as a birthday party.  Betty and Veronica are all in for a quaint gathering at Archie's house, Archie acquiesces because he knows better than to argue.  Chuck Clayton returns to school and sits with Ethel, it cause Betty to see red, but he was only trying to apologize.   Chuck calls out Betty for what she did the night at Ethel's.  Jughead leaps to Betty's defense and punches Chuck straight in the jaw.

The Joneses: It's Jughead's birthday and Betty and Jughead are going to the Bijou to see the double feature.  Betty and Jughead got out to the movies but head early to meet up with Archie and his friends.  That is when the masses crash and then FP Jones shows up to wish Jughead a happy birthday.  Jughead is quite upset that Betty through a party for him, showing that Betty and him are so very different that they shouldn't even be together.  Things start to look pretty rocky for Jughead and Betty. It's a good thing FP showed up at Jughead's party to break up the fight that breaks out, the he has a run in with Alice Cooper. Seems Alice Cooper used to be part of the Southside of Riverdale, but clawed her way into to upper middle class.

The Lodges: Hiram's attorney is in Riverdale looking for character testimonies from Hermoine and Veronica. Veronica and Archie have a few close encounters and even spend the night together.  Veronica gets called out by Cheryl for being a destroyer of lives just like her father.  But is that really what her intentions are?  Veronica then testifies for her father.

The Blossoms: Why is Clifford possibly the reason for why Hiram is in jail?  Cheryl decides the Betty and Veronica and Archie all need to pay for what they have done and gets together with Chuck to crash Jughead's birthday party.  Cheryl fulfills her life ambition to cause chaos wherever she goes so that people know that she is in charge.


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