Riverdale Episode 7

How are you guys enjoying Riverdale?  It's definitely not the Archie Comic Universe I grew up with but I am really not mad at it.  I am very anxious to see Mrs. Andrews and I would really like to see Jellybean and Mrs. Jones, but for now they are just mentioned characters.

Well let's get started with Episode 7!

So Juggie is living in squalor and know one knows. His dad is not only a Southside Serpent, he's also an alcoholic who has chosen the bottle over his family time and time again.  Juggie works really hard keeping his secret but he gets busted by Archie and finally comes clean with his problems to Archie. Even admitting that since his dad lost his job at Andrew's Construction it's been extra tough at home. Archie and Juggie then join forces to help FP get his job back with Andrew's Construction.  Juggie confronts his dad on his alcoholism and the fact that it is his drinking that is destroying their family.

FP and Fred Andrews make amends and FP starts back at work. But it's not all rainbows and flowers, FP still has to deal with his addiction issue and the fact that he is part of the Southside Serpents, which makes Hermoine Lodge uncomfortable.

Veronica is resorting to old tactics to get back at her mom for kissing Fred Andrews and betraying Mr. Lodge. Veronica has started shopping online to relieve her stress. Veronica then goes out on the town with her friends, drinking and dancing ensue.  Her credit card gets cancelled and reported stolen by Hermoine, Veronica has cash and talks out of getting in trouble since the club served alcohol to minors.  At tis point it becomes a draw and Veronica and Hermoine finally talk and come to an argeement on what to do.

Betty and Juggie are also involved with finding Polly.  Cheryl tweets out that Polly escaped from a mental hospital and killed Jason.  The race is on to find Polly.  Many, many rumours come out about what Polly may or may not have done, forcing Mrs. Cooper to make an announcement that Polly is pregnant with Jason's baby.  This creates an uneasy alliance between Betty and Cheryl as they both want Polly to be safe to keep the baby safe.  In the end Betty finds Polly by remember where Polly used to run away to when she was upset at her parents.

The uneasy truce between Betty and Cheryl is being built to do what is best for Polly.  Betty meets with the Blossom's to negotiate Polly's safety.  The Blossom's aren't looking out for the best interest of Polly, but for the baby, with plans to take the child from Polly and have her declared unfit. Cheryl warns Betty and Polly who leave before mom and dad Blossom show up, in steps Veronica and saves the day providing Polly with a safe place to stay while her family figures out what it is they all want to do.

But things aren't over for Juggie.  He gets taken in for questioning because of some questionable incidents in his past. As he sits in a cell waiting for his dad, Betty, Archie and Fred Andrews come to his rescue, providing an alibi for Juggie for the week Jason was suspected to have been killed.  FP is no where to be found and when he comes around he is completely inebriated.  Juggie has to make a choice between the Andrew's and his dad, Juggie chooses his dad, but FP gives him permission to stay with the Andrews, maybe one of the only selfless acts he makes.


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